'Spark Creative Studio' was founded in 2021 and focuses on creating creative concepts, campaigns, stages and shows for artists, electronic music events and festivals. To create live-experiences that move people is our strong suit. We love to work for ambitious brands that want to make an impact with their audience.
This new show reel contains a selection of high-lights from past work for Q-dance, as well as a brand new intro and outro. The intro and outro illustrate how creativity works for us. Can you catch the drift?
To blaze life to new ideas, and to enrapture people with our creations is what we live for.
Before anything else, this process of creation always starts with a spark of imagination. This bright moment of inspiration, a true vision of what might be, opens up an inner universe of endless possibilities.
Personally, my biggest moments of insight and inspiration have sprouted from deep meditation and inner work in ceremonial settings. It is a beautiful gateway to keep our life force and creative energy flowing. The meditating monk symbolizes the connection between meditation and creation.

Click the video to watch the full show reel.
As the spark of imagination is the kickstarter for the creative process, it is also marks the beginning of a path with countless hours of hard work, blood, sweat, tears & Joy to bring these visions to life. As these visions bring colour, energy and joy to our reality, it is all worth it.
We are available for creation, creative direction, copywriting, campaign design, stage & show design, as well as consultancy and coaching for your music, show, event, festival or other creative endeavours.

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Project overview
1. Spark Show Reel Intro 2022 (Creative Direction)
2. QORE 3.0 (Concept Development, Creative Direction)
3. QORE 3.0 (Concept Development, Creative Direction)
4. Q-BASE (Concept Development, Creative Direction, Copywriting, Production)
5. Project One - Reflections of the Eternal (Creative Direction logo & costume design)
6. QAPITAL (Creative Direction, Production, Copywriting, Art Direction)
7. Qlimax - Equilibrium (Concept Development, Creative Direction)
8. Qlimax - Rise of the Celestials (Concept Development, Creative Direction)
9. Qlimax - Temple of Light (Concept Development, Creative Direction)
10. Defqon.1 Festival - No Guts, No Glory (Creative Direction, Copywriting)
11. IMPAQT Festival (Concept Development, Creative Direction)
12. IMPAQT Festival (Creative Direction on Stage Designs, Show Direction)
13. Defqon.1 - Power Hour (Creator, Concept Development, Production, Show Direction)
14. Qlimax - Source Code of Creation (Show Creation, Show Direction, Copywriting)
15. Qlimax - Rise of the Celestials (Creative Direction, Show Direction, Copywriting)
16. Qlimax - Temple of Light (Creative Direction, Show Direction, Copywriting)
17. Defqon.1 Festival - Maximum Force (Show Creation, Show Direction, Copywriting)
18. Spark Show Reel Outro 2022 (Creative Direction)

Music: Elodin - See (Spark Edit)

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