On this project, I was invited by '360 Show Design' to create the show script for "Corona Sunsets" epic sunset-moment. Let me talk you through the process.
First off, 360 Show Design delivered this new stage design for 'Corona Sunsets' under the guidance of Nachtlab Agency. They supplied me with a package of show renders, as well as a technical drawings with all the fixtures and effects in them.​​​​​​​
Night Render - Flames & Lights
Night Render - Flames & Lights
Sunset Render - Lights
Sunset Render - Lights
Next to that, Nachtlab and 360 created the outline for the show. The show was to be based on Robin Schulz's 'Sun Goes Down' with vocalist Jasmine Thompson, an essential track for the 'Corona Sunsets' heritage. The philosophy of the show was to create this moment of magic, through slowing down, during the sunset.

3AM Audio created a new rendition of this track and delivered it to me.
After receiving the briefing, visualisations and audio, I started creating the show script on a timeline. Finally, I could put my imagination to the test. For this purpose, I work with Logic, as it helps me to keep the overview of the show. It also gives me the possibility to bring a higher level of detail to the cues. 

The clip below shows a presentation I created for the client -the Corona beer brand- to talk them through the show. After they signed it off, I created another briefing, more detailed and technical, for all of the operators.
After briefing the light designer and light operator from T-Minus Design, they started to program the show in Depence. On top of the light cues, they also integrated the pyro cues in the final render of the show. In the clip below, you can see the result of this.
Are you curious how you can bring the live experience of you event to the next level? I love to deliver shows with a high level of detail, And it is what I do best. Reach out for a free consult.
Client: Corona
Commissioned by: Nachtlab Agency

Stage Design: 360 Show Design
Audio: 3AM Audio
Show Direction: Spark Creative Studio
Light Design & Visualisation: T-Minus Design
Project Management: 360 Show Design

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