By being born in the 80’s and growing up in the 90’s, the Dutch ‘gabber culture’ has left its marks on me. As a fanatic of progressive and futuristic hardcore, I created this event to offer a stage to genre-bending artists, while empowering their music with this new immersive experience. The show ran 2 editions in 2011 and 2012 and the event has gained a cult status for the incrowd ever since.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
As each generation of artists builds their legacy on the music created by the previous generations of musicians, I felt that this should be reflected in the art of the event too. Therefore we decided to pay respect to the roots of hardcore, but at the same time setting a new, clear and distinctive direction in design.
French artist Sébastian Féraut aka Niark1 was the right man for the job. Look at the snapshots of his design process. The 3-headed totem was the form we chose to illustrate the evolution of hardcore music.
Art Director Frank Burghout, Voutloos, created a simple but bold letter logo, that remained true to the line of logo designs from the different Q-dance brands. Together with Niark1's amazing vector work we came to an eye-catching campaign look.
Parallel to the design process, Conrad Hoyer aka Ophidian had been working on a part of the soundtrack of the event and he simply nailed it. Have a look at the clips below to see how everything came to life in the trailer and on the event itself. 
All animations and editting on the trailer were done by Cees binnerts: big ups my man!
And below some clips of the 2012 edition.
Responsible for:
Concept development / creative direction / set design / show direction

Created by : Mark Rietveld - Q-dance
Design : Sébastien Féraut - Niark1
Art Director : Frank Burghout - Voutloos
Music : Conrad Hoyer - Ophidian
Trailer 2011 : Cees Binnerts
trailer 2012 : Michiel Krop - Mixil

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