Creamfields Chile has been a leading festival in Latin American Electronic Music Culture. StreetMachine Entertainment, the promotor of the event, decided to step up its game for the 15th anniversary of the event. With a weekend long journey, they took the event to the next level. "Juntos llegaremos en el siguiente nivel".

As I have a long history with Chile, its people and their events, it was a joy to be working again on a project, both with the local creatives as well as with my friends from 360. Spark Creative Studio has been hired for Marketing Consultancy as well as Show Design for the event.
As a festival creative, I see a huge potential in Latin American music blending with international music culture, to create something new, that really belongs to the Latam grounds. What made the project interesting for me, was that StreetMachine was willing to infuse the event with local Latin American electronic music flavors. They dared to book Argentinian trap prodigy 'Bizarrap', which was out of the ordinary, but an interesting choice for the future direction of the festival as well.

As part of the 15th anniversary of the event, the goal for StreetMachine was to grow the event to a two-day spectacular. Together with SME's marketing department, I worked on the storyline for the communication, as well as a timeline in which we built momentum towards the line-up release. The aim of the project was to outline key-messages for each communication moment, as well as to add up to the overall story of how the event was growing to the next level. The marketing department adopted the messages and copy, and produced and executed it from there.
As a show-creator pur-sang, it was a honor to work on the festival's infamous 'Show Ending' together with my friends and fellow creatives Bart, Luis, Paul, Trang and Rafo. Creating an epic experience at the end of the event is what I love doing.

Due to local restrictions around fireworks, we have not been able to execute the show in full flavor, but it still managed to strike the right chords within the audience. Below you can find the pyro visualisation we created, as well as the after movie of the event. Enjoy!

Spark Creative Studio : Marketing Consultancy & Show Design.

360 Show Design : Project Management, Stage Designs & Show Design.
Anatomico : Visuals
MothLight Chile : Light Programation
Trang : Laser Programation

Photo's by Alex van Oostrum.
Aftermovie by Kevin Gansemans & Stijn Verlinde.

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