This edition of qlimax was a special one. All personal learnings & experiences from previous chapters culminated into this SHOW. Integrating theatrical elements, the different phases of stage transformations, on point storytelling and a stellar line-up: I absolutely loved the process.​​​​​​​
Together with the infamous Marcel de jong and Lars Gorter (Momental) we created this trailer.
Marcel was responsible for all 3D work, while lars merged everything together and did a great job on titles and animations. It was a joy working with those experienced artists.
Credits go to Dennis van Harten for initiating the creative process with his marvellous first pencil draft for the stage design. It was a joy seeing this thing come to life.
on the night itself, we revealed a stage design that had different 'stages' of transformation. We started out with the peacock, worked through the raven to arrive at the phoenix, before revealing a supreme celestial being.
The programmation nights before the show were strenuous due to the complexity of the setup and technical difficulties for the motion operators, but the whole team kept its heads cool. We managed to pull it off all together.
It was a night full of memorable moments, but two things really stood out that night.
First: Coone's anthem show in the clip above.
Second: the return of Project One in the clip below.
Responsible for:
Concept Development / 
Copy Writing / Creative Direction / Show Direction

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