Since the early 2000's, Q-dance has consecrated the 'Big Spotters Hill' as the domain of the harder styles at Mysteryland in the Haarlemmermeer. Between 2008 and 2018, I've worked on this project in various roles: as project manager, creative director and show director.​​​​​​​
- 2018 -
The stages premiered at Mysteryland, started touring internationally in the year after as part of the Q-dance International Hostings. In this way, I have gained experience in (sustainable) production design, as well as creating 'tourable' show content. 
Personally, this was one of my favourite shows this summer in terms of level of detail in the show programmatic. 
- 2017 -​​​​​​​
Inspired by the Mayan 'Mask of Death', we designed this stage. Considering previous hostings at Mysteryland, we felt that this approach was more mystical and less straightforward. Especially at night, the stage really came alive.​​​​​​​
Premiering the 2017 Qlimax anthem 'Temple of Light' by Wildstylez on this stage, by means as an encore to the Saturday Endshow felt as the right thing to do and really hit home for the audience.
- 2016 -
Creating a heavy metal infused show-package with Jonathan Diaz (Sogma) was a lot of fun, as well as integrating ACDC's 'Highway to Hell' in the Endshow. The stage and light design delivered by Jonas Schmidt & Dennis van Harten were incredible to work with.
- 2015 -
As a little fella, I was impressed by the drawings of a Mandrill in one of my GRANDparents books. Its colourful nose was just beyond weird. The idea of making a Mandrill 25m high got me really enthusiastic. 
The rest is history: the Q-dance stage went bananas :-)

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