FORMER Q-DANCE Creative Director with over 14 years experience in the Dutch and international event industry. has a knack for creating visually appealing campaigns, stages and epic show moments.
Mark: "As a creator pur sang, I dedicate myself to orchestrating multidisciplinary experiences driven by story & music, that stir an emotional resonance in my audience. Moving people with my creations is what I live for. I have an entrepreneurial mindset and love to create. to make sure that I bring my visions to life, I always have a strong focus on production. I know what it takes to get a job done.
Are you TRIGGERED BY MY WORK? Or are you curious about creating epic moments that will give your audience a reason to return to your festival? PLEASE CLICK ON THE BUTTON BELOW and fill out the form to contact me.
M: +316 433 716 13 - e:
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