Qlimax is the leading indoor arena show in the harder styles and a q-dance flagship event.
A dark and mystic ritual.
Responsible for:
Concept Development / Creative Direction / 
Copy Writing / Show Direction
After returning from Peru, I was really inspired by the way the Incas were tuned in to the rhythm of the cosmos. It made me draw parallels with the tribal nature of our events. 
While being in Peru, I participated in a Vipassana retreat. In deep meditation, I experienced a total dissolution of body and mind. All that was left was an all pervading light. The ground out of which the whole human experience and perception of the world arises. 
All is one.
"It flows through all of us …
Resonating with every fiber in our being …
Only visible to the ones … that can truly see …"
The trailer was created with Reinier Flaes and Heerko Groefsema, with Joshua Dutrieux on the audio. It was a pleasure working with them. All of them took this project to the next level.
Together with Joram Metekohy (a.k.a. Wildstylez) and Joshua Dutrieux (JDX), we created the anthem for this edition. On the night itself, the anthem was one of the high-lights in the show.
Key visual was created by Frank Burghout from Voutloos.
Some snapshots from the show itself.
And the official recap of the event, in 60fps.

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