A joint-venture between Heineken, ID&T and MOJO.
Created and produced by Spark Creative Studio & 360 Show Design.

Responsible for:
Concept Development / Campaign Creation & Production / Creative Direction on design, copy and show
ID&T approached us for the creation and production of campaign, stage design and show for their new collaboration with MOJO and Heineken.

From the start, it was a project with a tight turn-around time. We managed to pull it off within 4 weeks from the initial brief, by choosing for an ambitious plan and executing it with reliable partners. 
The campaign was kicked off with an epic PR-moment in the heart of Amsterdam on the 5th of May : Dutch Liberation Day. The A'DAM Tower set the stage for this moment, in which Heineken, ID&T and MOJO announced this new project.

Dutch singer Maan and DJs Freddy Moreira, Kriss Kross Amsterdam and Lucas & Steve vocalised a heartfelt message for their audience, from the top of the A'DAM Tower.
For the campaign design, I collaborated with UK artists Art + Believe, Dutch designer Psytek and Dutch animator Danny Merk. The result was a great blend between their styles.

The vivid and vibrant coloured patterns of Art+Believe and Danny's animation skills, made this campaign really pop, from the screen and on the streets. Psytek's subtle adjustments to the font gave it a bold festival feel.
My friends Pieter and Bart from 360 Show Design adopted the concept and created the following stunning stage design with it.

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