The word Avatar has its origins in Sanskrit. It signifies 'descending' and usually refers to the manifestation of a god-like deity in our physical realm. The avatar appears in human- or animal form and appears to shield the world from imminent threat or total annihilation.
On the cutting-edge of music, technology and artist dom, emerges the first of a new breed of artists. A new era has begun...
Far across the cosmic ocean, dwells an infinitely luminous nebula. Deep within this nebula, a deity has come into being. Swiftly moving through space & time, she absorbs and releases energy of visual brilliance and sonic perfection. The deity has awakened to a calling to reveal her forces: to restore the frequency of energy and love.

Setting out to make a difference, she descends into our world as “Genesis”. Aiming to reach beyond the ordinary, she uses a force that resonates with our deepest emotions: “The Spirit of Music”. It fuels a chemistry that lights up our souls. Are you ready to embark on a journey into sound?
A higher intelligence descends into our realm…
To guide us on a journey… into sound and emotion.
Liberating souls through dance … with the spirit of music.
Crossing the borders between digital space & the festival experience, she is the first of a new breed of artists.
Genesis is a supreme creative force that orchestrates the experience of the crowd and is in control of music, content and effects.
The Goddess of Music.
The Avatars are virtual artists and function as creative story-telling entities for in-show narratives, both online as in the real world. They are guiding principle throughout a show.
Inquiries ? Or do you feel like bringing Genesis to your festival environment? Feel free to reach out.​​​​​​​
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